Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pro Voucher Money Coming to Local Indiana Elections?

The American Federation for Children is pushing its pro-voucher activities in Indiana.

Karen Francisco, who writes the Learning Curve blog for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, describes the American Federation for Children in her February 29th blog post titled, Big Money Ahead in School Board Races?
The group is a thinly-disguised front for anti-union interests. Betsy DeVos of the Amway fortune is the group's leader and its Indiana mailing address is the Terre Haute law office of James Bopp, father of the Citizens United ruling that has spawned millions in secretive campaign financing. The organization pumped $336,500 into Indiana campaign coffers over the past two years – all of it to Republican candidates who have pushed the school choice/anti-union education agenda.
The group is sponsoring a Campaign Training School in Indianapolis at the end of this month in a search for pro voucher candidates to public office.
It's difficult to imagine how much more "reform" could be pushed on Indiana schools, but look for candidates backed by the American Federation for Children to surface in this fall's school board elections. They're already calling the shots in the Indiana House and Senate.
Read The Learning Curve for the complete story.

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