Monday, June 4, 2012

New PAC supports public education

(from ICPE)

A new bi-partisan political action committee, Hoosiers for Public Education, deserves your support. It is researching and endorsing candidates from either party who support public education. The lobbying ICPE does is essential, but it is effective only when we have legislators who are willing to listen.

The PAC has identified 10 key Indiana General Assembly races in 2012 where there is a good chance of electing a legislator who will stand up for public education.

Hoosiers for Public Education will make financial contributions to new candidates in key races as well as incumbents who have been great friends to public schools.

Hoosiers for Public Education welcomes participation and financial contributions from ICPE members and other supporters. We believe public education advocates will have a more effective voice to elect candidates if we combine our resources and concentrate them where they will have the greatest impact.

To learn more or to donate, visit the website at Tell your friends!!

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