Monday, July 9, 2012

NEIFPE Platform Adopted

Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education has adopted the following Platform:
To build a school, family, and community partnership that fosters learning, creativity, critical thinking skills, and success among our children:
  1. We believe tax money should support public education in the state of Indiana. All school districts in Indiana deserve equitable funding.
  2. We believe tax dollars should not fund for-profit charter schools or vouchers for private/parochial schools.
  3. We believe the use of high-stakes testing is harmful to students. The time and money spent on testing and test preparation should instead be spent on hands-on learning and creative problem-solving skills.
  4. We believe test scores should be used as a diagnostic tool for instruction. Test scores should never be used to grade schools or to evaluate teachers.
  5. We believe more tax dollars should be appropriated to pre-school and all day kindergarten. Research clearly shows that consistent early childhood education has positive long-lasting results.
  6. We believe in the important role of the teacher in the classroom. All children should be taught by qualified instructors. Effective teacher preparation programs are vital, and teacher licensing should be based upon effective teacher preparation.
  7. We believe the family plays a critical role, and parents must have a significant voice in the education of their children. A good educational environment is developed in the partnership between the school and the family.
  8. We believe in a broad curriculum which includes the fine and performing arts, physical education, science, social studies, as well as math, reading, and writing. Such a curriculum is determined by the individual needs of local schools and their communities.
A pdf version of the document is available HERE, or by clicking on the link to NEIFPE Platform under INFORMATION AND FACT SHEETS in the menu at the right.

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