Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Challenge

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We Need to Talk...

Now. Let me be more specific. We, the parents, educators, and concerned citizens, need to have a conversation via social media or in person about education in our communities. We will listen to each other and have a civil debate. No personal attacks. Put your personal agendas aside and any allegiances you may have to particular organizations. But we have to start talking. We all have to start asking questions and seeking the truth. We need to look at the research for ourselves. Then we need to look at who is doing the research and examine the context.

Beware. I'm purposely going to ruffle some feathers to get the conversation started.

Let's look at charter schools. If you are an educator in a charter school and your school does not meet the needs of children by providing the resources and opportunities that, as professionals, we know are important for addressing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of children, WHY ARE YOU STILL TEACHING THERE OR WHY ARE YOU NOT CHALLENGING THE INEQUALITY?

Listen, it's one thing to be teaching in a traditional public school that has been forced to make incredible cuts to important programs and opportunities for children, and another to be teaching in a charter school that just doesn't provide what students need. I'm just going to say are enabling educational inequality and possibly racial inequality as well. You need to speak up for children and families. Go to the school board meetings. If your CMO or EMO is for-profit, demand that that they take less profits in order to fund what students need. Of course, be prepared to be fired.

There are some big questions that we need to answer. Look at the local statistics below. What questions arise from this data?

Fort Wayne Charter School ISTEP Percentages of Students Passing Both Math and English/Language Arts for Each Year Since Opening

Imagine MASTer Academy - 50.8% 53.6% 54.7% 53.6% 60.3% 51.7%
Imagine Schools on Broadway - 23.4% 29.8% 31.1% 36.6% 36.8%
Timothy L. Johnson - 25.8% 20.3% 35.9% 25.6% 37.8% 28.2% 41.3%

I have more important stats to share, but we'll just start out with this. Please respond or ask questions. Post a comment anonymously if you need to or e-mail me for a private conversation. (

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