Friday, September 7, 2012

Write to the Select Commission on Education

To our Indiana friends,

Join us at NEIFPE in flooding the mailboxes of the Select Commission on Education in Indiana.

We suggest that you attach one of the documents from our blog with a brief personal note to each of these committee members letting them know that we are informed, we are concerned, and we are voters. For this first week, we suggest sending the Cost of Testing brochure.

Click HERE to download a copy of the brochure to attach to your emails. You can also find the brochure and other documents under INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTS in the right column of this blog.

To email all members at once click on the ALL MEMBERS link below.


To email individual members click on the email address next to the individual's name.

Rep. Robert Behning, Co-Chairperson -
Rep. Rhonda Rhoads -
Rep. Timothy Brown -
Rep. Edward Clere -
Rep. David Frizzell -
Rep. Kathleen Heuer -
Rep. Cindy Noe -
Rep. Jeffrey Thompson -
Rep. Greg Porter -
Rep. David Cheatham -
Rep. Clyde Kersey -
Rep. Vernon Smith -
Rep. Shelli Vandenburgh -

Sen. Dennis Kruse, Co-Chair -
Sen. Carlin Yoder -
Sen. James Banks -
Sen. James Buck -
Sen. Luke Kenley -
Sen. Jean Leising -
Sen. Scott Schneider -
Sen. Earline Rogers -
Sen. Frank Mrvan -
Sen. Timothy Skinner -

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