Sunday, February 24, 2013

Public Schools Across America - Media Coverage

On Saturday, February 23, 2013, individuals and groups from across the midwest gathered in Fort Wayne to discuss ways to support public education. Parents, grandparents, educators, elected officials, and concerned citizens met at the first Public Schools Across America regional meeting.

[For those of you who attended the Four State Conference yesterday in Fort Wayne, if you send your notes, images and photos to NEIFPE at As they become available we will share all of them HERE.]

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Supporting Public Education

The meeting was an opportunity for the community to share concerns about the attacks on public schools. There was also discussion on what can be done to strengthen public education in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan, but to also influence change throughout the United States.
Saturday's meeting included parents, teachers and education administrators from [Indiana,] Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. It was set up because parents and school leaders are tired of losing taxpayer dollars to charter schools. It's an issue that people have seen in states across the leaders are networking to discuss what tools work in the classroom, and unite teachers from coast-to-coast... 
"What can we do collectively, as a Midwest or nation, to have this rise of people realize this is a giant issue," said Al Jacquay, the president of the Fort Wayne Education Association. "People need to be involved and engaged to help save our local schools."

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