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Writing to Newspapers in Southern Indiana

This page has links and information for writing Letters to the Editor of newspapers in the Indiana cities of Bloomington, Evansville, and Jeffersonville/New Albany.
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  • Be aware that different newspapers have different rules regarding Letters. Make sure you understand each newspaper's requirements for letters before you send your email. Rules may apply to length and content. If you wish your letter to be published you should follow the SUBMISSION POLICY provided by the newspaper. SUBMISSION POLICY on this page may not contain complete information.
  • The screen shots listed with the newspaper links below are there to illustrate the information. Click on the image to enlarge it if necessary.
  • A more complete list of Newspaper Home pages can be found at the USNPL Web Site
  • These directions will be available on the right side of this web page under the heading NEWS MEDIA

Bloomington, Evansville, Louisville (Jeffersonville, New Albany)

Bloomington Herald Times:

In the menu bar below the title click on Opinion. Then click on Submit a Letter to the Editor or Guest Column in the column on the right.


• Your name will not be witheld from publication
• Please provide your email address so that we may contact you to verify your submission. Also provide a daytime phone number and local street address in case additional verification is required
• We reserve the right to condense all letters. Letters longer than 200 words will be rejected
• Letters we believe to be libelous or in poor taste will not be published
• Writers are generally limited to one letter per month
• Letters must be the original work of the author


Evansville Courier:

1. Scroll your mouse (mouseover) to Opinion on the menu bar under the title. Do not click. A submenu will appear. Choose Letters to the Editor on the sub-menu.

2. Click on Submit a Letter at the top of the list of current letters.

3. Scroll down to Opinions - Letters to the Editor, Responses & Community Comments

Content area is limited to 500 words


Louisville Courier Journal:

This is a direct link to the Letters to the Editor form.


Please note that letters intended for publication must include your full name, address (e-mail address also, if you have one) and a daytime phone number. Please also type your letter's topic or subject in the space provided. We ask that letters be 200 words or less. Occasionally, we can publish a longer letter, but you will have a better chance of getting your letter published if you keep it short. Letters may be edited for space constraints and clarity.


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