Thursday, October 10, 2013

Messaging we should be using

from Dora Taylor of PAA (Parents Across America):

There was some very impressive polling done regarding language used in getting our point across. To follow are a few items:

"Corporate takeover of our schools" is a far more effective term than "the privatization of our schools".

Regarding vouchers, it resonates better to present the choice as "do you want to improve our schools or send tax dollars to private schools?"

Parent Trigger, the language: "The PT is about handing over our schools to out-of-state private management companies who know nothing about our kids and our community and only care about profits."

Online schools: "Turning over public schools to out-of-state corporations who operate with the goal of making profits is not helping children. Online schools have not proven to provide students with a quality education."

What we are against:

Corporate takeover of our schools
One-size-fits-all reforms.
Risking our children's future.
Losing an entire generation that won't get a second chance.
Treating kids like widgets.
Taxes for education, not CEO bonuses.

What we are for:

A big picture approach to public school improvements.
Investing in our public schools and our children's future.
Well-rounded education that includes music, art, history, civics, PE and vocational training.
Giving teachers the tools to help every child succeed.
Reducing class sizes to give students the individual attention they need.

We need a language that is consistent to get our message through and this has proven to work.

Take from this what you will.

If you want more information or a copy of the handout I received, please e-mail me directly.


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