Friday, September 5, 2014

Candidate Questionnaire 4: Equitable Funding

In July, The Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education (NEIFPE) contacted all 21 of the candidates running for federal and state offices in NE Indiana to ask them for their views pertaining to education issues. Each was sent a survey of 10 questions. So far 7 have returned the surveys. If and when others respond, those will also be posted. The comments below are unedited and are the words and thoughts of the candidates. NEIFPE shares this information so voters will be able to make informed choices at the polls on November 4.

(NOTE: A copy of the original (blank) questionnaire may be found HERE.)

Question: Do you believe that the funding formula for schools should be revised so that public schools across the state are equitably funded?

(Note: Candidates are listed by district, and by alphabetical order within districts)

Candidates for State Representative

Charles Odier, D-52: "Yes I think all schools should have whatever it takes to succeed, our kids are our future and we need to make sure they have everything they need."

Phil GiaQuinta, D-80: "Yes."

Thad Gerardot, D-81: "Yes."

Mike Wilber, D-82: "Public schools are being told to make do with much less that what is realistic. I am a strong supporter of restoring public school funding to adequate levels with a fair system that provides the schools that need the most help the funding that is necessary for student success."

Fred Haigh, D-84: "Yes. The current formula is unfair to larger school corporations and entirely dependent on state sales tax revenues (property taxes were eliminated from the formula in 2009). Sales tax revenues are historically unreliable and subject to political influence and economic health."

Candidates for State Senate

Jack Morris, D-15: "Yes."

Candidates for U. S. Representative

Justin Kuhnle, D-3: "Absolutely. We should provide the resources needed to match mandates so that the teachers and schools can be successful for the children. The cuts that have come to education in recent years has already begun to have adverse effects on individual schools, districts, and community development."


The following candidates did not provide a response the the questions. (Answers from candidate questionnaires will be added to this page as they are returned.)

Candidates for State Representative
Dan Leonard, R-50
Dennis Zent, R-51
Benjamin Smaltz, R-52
Matt Lehman, R-79
Martin Carbaugh, R-81
David Ober, R-82
Christopher Judy, R-83
Bob Morris, R-84
Casey Cox, R-85

Candidates for State Senate
Dennis Kruse, R-14
Liz Brown, R-15
Jim Banks, R-17
Travis Holdman, R-19

Candidates for U.S. Representative
Marlin Stutzman, R-3

Complete Responses

Click the candidate's name below to see their entire questionnaire, including a statement of their vision for the future of education in Indiana. NOTE: Only those candidates who returned a questionnaire are listed.



  • Justin Kuhnle, candidate for U.S. Representative Indiana District 3

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