Friday, October 10, 2014

Facts about NEIFPE's Survey

On October 5 we announced a survey about public education on this blog and on our Facebook page. The survey will be running for another 2 weeks, and will end on October 25.

Survey respondents are anonymous. We don't know who you are when you answer; therefore, there will be no follow up contact or phone call to you about your answers. The only information we have about about you after you fill out the survey is contained in your answers.

The survey asks questions about local schools, testing, charter schools, and vouchers. At the end of the survey there is an open-ended question asking for your comments. A few days ago one of those comments caught our attention. It read...
How much money was spent on this political survey? Who funds NEIFPE? Are any public resources used by NEIFPE? (Funds, facilities, personnel?)

The online survey tool we use is Survey Monkey (click HERE to see their rates). The survey was written by members of the NEIFPE Leadership Committee, who are all volunteers. No one was paid any money to write, edit, or post this survey.


The Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education (NEIFPE) is non-partisan and 100% self-funded. We receive no money from any political party, for-profit or non-profit corporation, or governmental agency.

When we need funds for anything -- business cards, handouts, snacks for a meeting, tee shirts -- the members of the NEIFPE Leadership Committee chip in to pay for it. The fee to Survey Monkey for our survey was paid out of our own pockets.

ARE ANY PUBLIC RESOURCES USED BY NEIFPE? (Funds, facilities, personnel?)

We meet at the home of one of our members. Each member provides his or her own transportation to meetings (though car-pooling is encouraged). We provide our own paper, snacks, and energy. NEIFPE does not accept any funds from anyone other than our members, nor do we use any public resources save those which are available for any citizen to use (such as the public library).

Our mission is as follows:
We are citizens, teachers, administrators, and parents united by our support for public education and by concerns for its future. Recent federal and state reform measures have created an over-emphasis on testing and have turned over public education to private interests. We believe that these reforms threaten the well-being of our children and jeopardize their futures. Our goal is to inform ourselves and to start community discussion about the impact of these measures on our public schools and, more importantly, on our children.
Our survey was written and posted to support and continue our mission. The results will be shared after October 25th.

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