Friday, March 13, 2015

SBOE Should be Accountable, too

During yesterday's (March 12, 2015) State Board of Education meeting, the SBOE members spoke at length about data, accountability, metrics, pedagogy, work force, and college and career readiness. They used those and other "reform" buzz words freely. However, there was no reference to student learning or how that happens. Interestingly enough, we heard no mention of how any of the Board policies impact children.

The SBOE decision to close two schools in Gary Dunbar Pulaski was astounding. Where is their accountability to the students, teachers, and families whose lives will be disrupted?

Yet in the same meeting they voted to allow two failing charter schools from different areas of the state another chance.

Why are charters allowed to fail with impunity and allowed more chances where public schools are not?

How has their perception of data and accountability replaced the love of learning and what is instructionally appropriate?



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