Saturday, September 26, 2015

Everyday Advocates - Phil Arnold

Why is public education advocacy important to you?
As a public school product, a public school teacher, and a parent I value what public education offers. Advocating for public education is doing what is right for the benefit of those who understand the value of community, teacher support, and the desire to learn (or teach) in a setting that is most in tune with student needs and less concerned with financial benefit.

As an advocate, what accomplishment have you found most satisfying?
Most satisfying has been meeting people across the country who share the same beliefs and desires for supporting Public education. I never imagined when I started Citizens Against Tony Bennett (originally Hoosiers Against Tony Bennett) in 2010 and Hoosier Voices For Public Education in 2012 the impact those pages would have in shaping the Public school advocacy agenda and how they would grow nationally.

What keeps you going?
I am motivated daily by the constant attacks on public schools by politicians around the US and the frustrations of my fellow educators and parents in dealing with the barrage of inappropriate and devastating "reforms" constantly thrown at public schools in wild attempts to celebrate and promote privatization and profits for the elites. Public education is the foundation of schooling in America and public schools are now the target of political agendas to turn schooling into a for-profit market.

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