Sunday, November 22, 2015

Everyday Advocates – Melanie Wright

Why is Public Education Important to you?
“Public education has always been a vital part of my life through my 28-year teaching career. As a young student, I observed the powerful effects of public school teachers who repeatedly reinforced confidence, knowledge, and a belief that we may have a positive influence on others through modeling examples. This foundation has been fundamental to my quality of life and one that I continue to share with students. Planting seeds is such a rewarding purpose; protecting the ability to do so has become a necessity.”

Why are public schools important to everyone in a community?
Public schools are the backbone of communities as they provide the center for educational experiences, community dinners, athletic competitions, and various events that bring people of all ages together. A communication network of important relationship forms from this effort. The sense of community drives the thought that we are all together, serving the needs of our youth and the area in which we live. Not only do we foster education, but also a network of people who are connected through their goals.


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