Sunday, January 24, 2016

Public Schools Work – Asia Smiley-Nelson

My name is Asia Smiley­-Nelson and I have attended the public school system throughout my life. I graduated and attended South Side High School. This school was the most diverse school that I have ever attended. As an African­American, I can admit that our culture tends to socialize with our own, but no[t] at South Side. Everybody hung out with everybody and my class of 1999, along with other classes[,] formed a right bond with each other. I was very supportive of other cultures, not only from what my parents have taught me but from what our teachers have. I know they cared about us and our education, no matter what race or gender we were. When I would attend sporting and social events, our teachers were there supporting classmates too. That's awesome to see supportive teachers. I felt like I could go to any of the teachers in my senior class if I had problems with anything. I love South Side and it taught me how to communicate and socialize with other races.


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