Sunday, February 7, 2016

Public Schools Work – Erin Kathleen Hodel

When I was in 3rd grade, I moved into Glenwood Park Elementary School and was in Sharon Orr's class. I hated everything­ – ­school, people, myself, my life. I had a rough few years. I experienced my first death (grandparent), my parents had divorced, and I had to move from a school and people I loved to a school where the only person I knew was my brother in 5th grade. Sharon saw through this angry little girl and got me involved in school, she worked with me to pull up my grades, and I left her classroom knowing 3 things.

1. She cared for me and wanted me to be at Glenwood.

2. I was a smart girl who would do great things.

3. I wanted to be a teacher who changed a child's life.

I was blessed to go through Fort Wayne Community Schools with many amazing teachers like Mr. Grotemat at Snider, Mrs. Waterfall at Blackhawk, and many many more. They all helped me become the teacher I am today.


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