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NEIFPE 2018 Year in Review

NEIFPE's Year in Review, 2018.

Below are some image highlights from the 2018 NEIFPE Year in Review.

Click here or on any image for the full Year in Review as a pdf file.

In January members of education and religious communities gathered in January to hear Rev. Charlie Johnson discuss the success of Pastors for Texas Children. NEIFPE teamed up with Rev. Johnson to encourage local religious groups to join together to support public education.

Rev. Charlie Johnson of Pastors for Texas Children

Throughout the year NEIFPE members joined with others to attend and celebrate community events.

Below NEIFPE members attended the service at Plymouth Congregational Church where Karen Francisco, pictured above in pink, was honored with the Amistad Peace and Justice Award.

Donna Roof, Phyllis Bush, Kathy Candioto, Anne Duff, Karen Francisco, and Lucy Hess at Plymouth Congregational Church.

NEIFPE members attended The Power of Her Story: Brunch in Celebration of Women's Voices with Keynote Speaker, Glenda Ritz, the former Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Terry Springer and Eileen Doherty at the Power of Her Story brunch in Fort Wayne.

We sponsored events like a viewing of the movie, Backpack Full of Cash, which was followed by a panel discussion.

Our members made presentations to local PTAs as well as classes of education students at PFW.

Meg Bloom, Susie Berry, and Stu Bloom spoke to the Haley Elementary PTA.

We participated in community actions in defense of children and in support of sensible gun legislation.

In May NEIFPE hosted and encouraged others to host "Meet-Up/Greet-UpTweet-Up" events to focus the community on legislation detrimental to public schools.

Karol Dehr and Susie Berry at a Meet-up/Greet-up/Tweet-up gathering.

We gathered in August with friends from around the state (and Ohio) to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee birthday of our co-founder, Phyllis Bush.

Co-founder Phyllis Bush, with fans.

During the campaign for the 2018 general election, our members attended, and participated in a panel discussion on education issues for U.S. Representative Candidate, Courtney Tritch.

Meg Bloom sits on the Tritch Education Panel.

The Network for Public Education's 2018 annual National Conference was held in Indianapolis. Quite a few NEIFPE members attended...

NEIFPE members and friends at the NPE National Conference, 2018.

...listened to speakers and presentations...
NPE Founder Diane Ravitch speaks in Indianapolis, October, 2018.

...and joined NPE in honoring NEIFPE co-founder Phyllis Bush. NPE established a new award for community activism and named it after Phyllis, who is also a Board Member for NPE. The first annual award went to SOS Arizona.

NPE names award for Phyllis Bush.

NEIFPE ended the year with a wedding celebration. On December 11, NEIFPE co-founders Phyllis Bush and Donna Roof were married in Fort Wayne. With short notice, a court room was filled with friends and former students to celebrate this joyous occasion.


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