Thursday, October 8, 2020

2020 Election: Voting by Mail Help


Many Indiana voters are choosing to vote by mail in this year's election. Unfortunately, vote-by-mail is not open to everyone in Indiana, so those who do not qualify will have to vote in person. To find out if you qualify to vote by mail check the information on the Indiana Secretary of State's web site. Click on the drop-down menu, Absentee Voting By Mail, for a list of who qualifies. The Secretary of State's site also contains the information in this post.

If you wish to vote by mail in Indiana and you haven't yet requested a vote-by-mail ballot, you should do so immediately. Requests for a ballot must be received by October 22, 2020, but the sooner you request a ballot the sooner it will arrive. Once you receive the ballot, carefully follow the directions to fill it out and return it as soon as possible. Go to the Indiana Voter Portal to request a ballot. Click on Apply Online/Get Forms.

Link to the Indiana Voter Portal:

You can return your vote-by-mail ballot via the US Postal Service or by delivering it in person to your county election board office. If you mail your ballot, it must be received by the County Election Board by noon on November 3. To ensure that it arrives on time mail it at least two weeks in advance, or hand deliver it to the election board office.


If you mailed in your ballot, or delivered it to the county election board office, you should check to see that the ballot was received.

Visit the Indiana Voter Portal. Click on CHECK VOTING STATUS and enter your personal information. When you arrive at the Voter Portal, check the name at the top to make sure it is yours (see below).

Scroll down to the section titled Absentee Ballot Information. In this section you can see information about your Absentee Application as well as your Absentee Ballot. The latter will list the date when the ballot was sent to you, and the date on which it was recieved at the county election board office (see below).

Additional information can be found at an Indianapolis Star article titled How to track your absentee ballot in Indiana and fix ballot problems. Note that some of the information in the article is specific to Marion County.


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