Monday, April 19, 2021

Vic’s Statehouse Notes #356 – looming threats and flaws

From Indiana Coalition for Public Education's Vic Smith...
Dear Friends,

With only three days left in this General Assembly session, a dangerous threat to our state remains to be fixed. Education Scholarship Accounts are still in the budget bill, and the bill language does not protect Indiana from extremists, from criminals or from the sudden elimination of all standards and accountability.

Will you send messages today and tomorrow to your legislators and to party leaders who are deciding what will go into the budget about these looming threats and flaws that could be fixed with last minute additions to the bill language?

Fix the Flaws!

What are the glaring problems that have still not been fixed in the current budget bill language on Educational Scholarship Accounts?
Threats include no standards for ESA parent grants, no protection against extremist curriculum, and no background checks for where tax payer dollars will go.

Click here to read the rest and share. You can find your state legislators by clicking here.


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