Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Kids' complexities require added funding

This op-ed by NEIFPE member Anne Duff appeared in the February 28, 2023 edition of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.** Read the entire article here.

Kids' complexities require added funding

by Anne Duff

As a school board member in a district with high poverty and a high free and reduced lunch rate, I've witnessed some of the conditions in which our children live and some of the baggage they bring with them to school...

Those of us with students such as ours understand the importance of complexity. Complexity funding was created to provide dollars to educate students from low-income homes who are at risk.

We've seen how poverty affects students and know that extra resources are needed to educate them. This funding covers counseling, health services, alternative education, classroom assistants, English-language learning, tutoring programs, pull-out programs - essentials for our most needy...

The children we provide these services to have experienced trauma...

Educators and anyone else who cares about the well-being of children know this trauma affects every ounce of a child's education. Until a child's basic needs are met, until a child learns how to regulate their emotions and behavior, it is not easy for them to focus on math and science and reading...

Anne Duff of Fort Wayne, a member of the Fort Wayne Community Schools board, wrote this on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Fort Wayne.

Click here to read the entire article.

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