Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013: Question of the Day

TODAY'S QUESTION: Much has been written about the Common Core State Standards. What are your thoughts?


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Anonymous said...

It is not the standards we should be arguing about, in my opinion. Good teachers - and there are plenty of them - will provide a robust and challenging learning environment no matter the standards du jour. It is the intent that is behind the implementation of the standards that matters. The insidious aspect of CCSI is that once again, we are burdened with a standardized test - in our case, PARCC - that will be inappropriately used (as is ISTEP) to drive the curriculum, rate teachers and schools, define salaries, make a case for privatization (whether appropriate or not), and provide grist for the current wave of corporate "reform" that is a political and ideological movement - NOT an educational one.

CCSI? Sure, why not? PARCC, RISE, and all the other baggage in the name of reform? That's what we should be discussing; that it is to the detriment of our students and schools, and is nothing more that an opportunity for politicians to further their political and social agenda.