Monday, January 7, 2013

Republican Legislative Surveys


Republican legislators are sending out surveys this week. Please fill out the survey from your district representative.

You can find your legislators here:

Choose your legislator from the drop down menu on the left side of the page at the House Republican web site...

or the Senate Republican web site...

Once you get to your legislator's page find the link to the survey. For House members the survey is on the right, at the top. The senate surveys are in the center at the bottom.

There are a several questions regarding education on this survey and many of the questions are slanted, so it is very important that you fill out the comment section to let these legislators know what you think.

Tracking Legislation/Legislators

Here is a good way to track what is happening in our legislatures, both state and federal.

LegiScan | Bringing People to the Process
In the modern world, awareness of legislation and having information about the laws that affect daily life for all Americans is more important than ever. However tracking the happenings from your local state legislature to the of actions in every capitol around the country up to national Congressional regulations is a daunting task.

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