Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Educators for Freedom Sign on Letter

Freedom Indiana has asked for help with regard to HJR-6 from Educators.

Below is the Educators for Freedom Sign on Letter.
Freedom Indiana would appreciate it if you would please print it out and sign it.
This will not be published but will be hand delivered to legislators in the area before they vote on HJR-6.

Your signature needs to be returned by Friday, December 20th.

There are three ways to get it to them.

1. Sign it, scan it, and email it as an attachment. (You can email it to, and we will forward your signature to Freedom Indiana)
2. Mail it to Freedom Indiana 3402 Fairfield Ave Fort Wayne, IN 46807
3. Drop it off at Wunderkammer Company on Fairfield (Old Casa's Restaurant).

There are 26 days until the session starts. Thank you for helping to protect our constitution from this unnecessary amendment.

You can copy the information below or CLICK HERE to download a pdf copy for printing.

Educators For Freedom: Oppose HJR-6

As a Hoosier educator, I have dedicated my life to sharing knowledge with students who come from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds.I believe our state must do everything in its power to attract, educate and retain top talent while ensuring that all students feel welcome here.

Educators across our state are opposed to HJR-6 because it would prevent Indiana from accomplishing those goals. That's why schools such as Indiana University, Ball State University and Wabash College support the Freedom Indiana campaign to protect their students, faculty, and staff from permanent changes to our Constitution that would eliminate or prevent protections for certain Hoosiers.

It's also why businesses, organizations and community leaders such as Cummins, Emmis Communications, Eli Lilly, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, and Mayor Tom Henry have taken strong stands against HJR-6: They know it would brand Indiana as an unwelcoming place.

As an educator, I know it's critical to educate and respect the whole student. Educators also know that the success of our students and schools depends on a safe, thoughtful learning environment where students feel protected, not excluded. That's something all Hoosiers deserve, and it's why I'm proud to stand up for my students by opposing HJR-6.

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