Friday, December 13, 2013

Letters: Impressions of Pence

Today's letter is from NEIFPE co-founder, Phyllis Bush

Letter to the editor: Impressions of Pence has reader questioning
Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 12:01 am

Gov. Pence had his first town hall here in Fort Wayne last July. Most of the meeting was centered around people railing about Common Core and Obamacare.

However, I was completely taken aback by a woman in the audience who pleaded with Pence about getting rid of “these here old teachers” who have jobs for life because of tenure. As I sat back waiting to hear “Mike” clarify that Indiana teachers do not have and have not had tenure in recent memory, I was appalled that he agreed with her and said that he would do something about it.

This leads me to this conclusion. Either the governor didn’t know anything about education policy issues, or he chose to let her continue to believe her mistaken information. With that meeting in mind, I keep reading that Pence’s people are saying Glenda Ritz is playing politics. They keep saying that the governor has no intention of making her role appointive. They keep saying that he really likes Glenda.

If these statements are true, would someone please point me to a quote and a date from the governor where he clearly issued a statement saying that he wants the state board to stop this bullying of Ritz and this apparent power grab by the CECI? Until I see that, I am going to go shopping for a bridge to nowhere.

Phyllis A. Bush

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