Thursday, December 5, 2013

Synopsis of the CECI Document

Here's an excellent synopsis of the CECI document from our friend, Jenny Robinson:
Here is the CECI document. It includes recommendations on a number of things, including redefining the role of the state superintendent so that a governor-appointed state board member would chair the policy-making state board of education...but also on liquidating "unused" or "underutilized" public school buildings, seizing the associated local property tax funds, and potentially channeling those assets into the private sector. Direct quote: "...removing the requirement of maintenance of buildings from school corporations allows school corporations to focus on educating children rather than on facilities maintenance." Has CECI posted this document anywhere publicly? Thanks to Ritz's DOE for posting it and shedding some light on this shadowy agency.

Also, under "Pre-Kindergarten": "It is critical that any pre-K program have strong accountability based on outcome data that measures whether or not providers are preparing students to be ready for Kindergarten. Work has already been done to develop pre-K standards and assessment, but we must connect pre-K to K-3 policy, including a strong emphasis on literacy. Consistent with having high levels of accountability, providers who do not meet expectations for Kindergarten preparedness should face strong penalties including removal from the program.

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